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Tiny soft ring

Tiny soft ring

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  • Conflict-fee diamond
  • Tarnish resistant
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Guarantee highest quality

Our jewelry incorporates top tier 5A-8A cubic zircon, a synthetic gemstone composed of zirconium dioxide. This material closely mimics the appearance and shimmer of genuine diamonds, offering our customers a diamond-like shine without the hefty price tag.

Safe skin materials

925 sterling silver is an alloy comprised of 92.5% sterling silver and 7.5% copper. The copper is incorporated to enhance durability and longevity while preserving the color and luster of pure sterling silver, making it an exceptional choice for fashion jewelry.

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Elevate your style with our Tiny zircon stone adjustable ring! This stunning ring features a dazzling diamond and can be adjusted to fit your desired size. Add a touch of elegance and luxury to any outfit. Shop now and make a statement!


Material / 925 silver, 5A Cubic Zircon

Weight / 1.04g

Ring Size / open adjustable

Zircon size / 3MM x 4MM

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

It’s exactly what I was looking for, we used them as friendship rings for me and my best friend of 10 years. Love them so much. Perfect dainty little rings.


Elegant and Delicate. It can be worn alone for a minimalist look, or stacked with other rings for a more personalized style. The thin band also makes it easy to pair with other jewelry pieces. Love it so much


Ohmygosh, this is the most gorgeous ring! So minimalistic and shiny!


This is such a cute little ring. It looks a bit bigger in the picture but it’s still perfect regardless.

Say Goodbye to high prices.

Our commitment to quality means you can enjoy luxury items at reasonable prices. Time to explore more highest quality sparkle. Get endless sparkles and compliments with them everyday. Zero retail markups & looks like a high prices real diamond jewlry.

We Made It With Love

At Hastella.J, our mission is to help you create unforgettable moments with your beloveds. To achieve this goal, we have poured our hearts into highest quality gems, give the best to you.
Whether you are searching for a gift for your girlfriend or wedding, engagement or travel jewelry at affordable prices, we can be sure that your loved one will cherish the moment forever.


We can proudly to guaranteed all the jewelry ONLY provide the best value of high-quality 5A-8A highest level gems at affordable prices, and they look just like the real deal as they can’t be differentiated from diamonds with the naked eye.It perfectly showcase your impeccable sense of fashion and refined taste.


I don't know my ring size.

If you’re not sure what your ring size is, You can open below link, to check your size. Always measure your ring size when your hands are warm, as cold hands are slimmer and will not give you an accurate measurement.

Please read here

We use standard US sizing. If you already know your size, please use the ring size chart below to determine your size in US sizing.



  • Average ring size for women is US 6-7.
  • Please measure your finger when they are warm as cold fingers will measure smaller. 

If you don't know your size:

1. Get a piece of string or cut up a thin piece of paper (make sure the piece of paper is really thin or it won't be accurate!) and wrap it around your finger firmly. (make sure the paper/string sits very firm on your finger and how you would want the ring to fit; that means it should not be loose and not extremely tight)

2. Mark the string or piece of paper to get the circumference  (in mm)

3. Lay the string or paper down against a ruler to measure the circumference (in mm/cm)

4. Please use the table above to measure your circumference (in mm) against the US sizing column (We use standard US sizing)

5. Please choose the ring size that is closest to your circumference if you are in-between sizes.

Do the stones really sparkle?

It will be so sparkly and dazzling you might even forget it’s not a real diamond. Our high-grade 5A / 8A cubic zirconia stones are hand-made with the help of a cutting disk, a process that produces dazzling results. Most of our stones are cut with the crushed ice style, which produces an abundance of tiny facets that reflect the light and sparkle on your finger like a real diamond. Our high-grade 5A / 8A cubic zirconia stones are expertly handcrafted using a cutting disk, resulting in a stunningly brilliant appearance. The crushed ice style of cutting creates an abundance of tiny facets that reflect light, allowing the stone to sparkle on your finger like a genuine diamond.

All items are entitle to free shipping?

Certainly, you can purchase a single product and enjoy free worldwide shipping. And don't forget to sign up email, to get discount gift.

What if I don't like my order?

If you are not completely satisfied with your Hastella Jewelry purchase, take advantage of our 30-day returns policy.Please see our returns policy for more details.

What packing does my jewelry come in ?

Your jewelry will be delivered in a meticulously packed box, ensuring its safety during transit. The box will be securely wrapped inside a protective plastic bubble bag.

Why we don't come with luxury packing?

Our goal is to enhance the beauty and confidence of every woman. We achieve this by offering affordable prices and reducing unnecessary packaging.